i want to meet this artist. what does he look like

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The only thing I care about is music that sounds good? it feels weird does that sound weird?

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this shits too fresh tho it sounds like the future of american radio hopefully

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"I am nothing. It’s simple. If I were smart, I might be afraid of looking stupid. If I were successful, I might be afraid of failure. If I were a man, I might be afraid of being weak. If I were a Christian, I might be afraid of losing faith. If I were an atheist, I might be afraid of believing. If…

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"Sleep heavily and know that I am here with you. The past is gone, and cannot harm you anymore. And while the future is fast coming for you, it always flinches first, and settles in as the gentle present. This now, this us, we can cope with that. We can do this together you and I." Cecil Baldwin, Welcome to Night Vale  (via girlwithdeathmask)

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I have taken a lot of things in my life for granted but I am absolutely done taking the people I surround myself with for granted. There are people in my life doing so much for my mindset and my future, its remarkable.

Madison, Troy, Tiffany, and Alex, I love you all and I am forever in debt to you. Thank you for inspiring me each and every single day. Thank you for being in my life. It means much more than I have the ability to say or show.

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This weekend has been wild in alot of ways but i am happy.

+ new thugger :)

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this just how i feel

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damn this is fucking wild tbh

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